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Medical Billing/Accounts Receivable Services

Professional Office Management Service (POMS), Inc. is the premier provider of medical billing and accounts receivable management in the Northwest. Founded in 1990, POMS Inc is a full service third-party medical billing firm servicing all aspects of accounts receivable management including coding, auditing, and consulting. With 20 years of experience and over 60 medical clients in the Northwest, we are among the industry's leaders in billing and coding. Our highly trained staff include certified coders who specialize in reviewing and auditing records to ensure our clients are receiving maximum reimbursement while adhering to strict industry guidelines.

Medical Billing

We use state of the art software to manage all of your billing requirements. From daily posting to medical records coding, we offer it all. Backed by a software vendor with nearly 30 years of experience in the industry along with the nearly 60 years of combined medical management experience of our trained professional staff, we are ready to partner with you and raise your practice to the next level.

Accounts Receivable Management

As we enter one of the most severe economic downturns in our lifetime, accounts receivable management will become key to future success of your practice. This is one of the most difficult challenges faced by any business and doubly challenging in medicine where almost all reimbursements are through 3rd party payors. Don't face this challenge alone. Join with us and leverage our vast experience and state of the art systems so that you receive the maximum reimbursements possible. Our motivation is simple. If you don't get paid we don't get paid!

No new computer

We own the hardware. You have no new systems to install, learn, maintain or upgrade

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Reduced Involvement

We handle the problem accounts while you concentrate on what you know best, the practice of medicine.

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No training for your staff, we handle it all

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Electronic claim transmission to over 800 insurance office locations

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Online Access

Secure internet access allowing clients to use scheduler, look up patient ledgers, print receipts, etc.

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