About Us

Practice Management Service (POMS, Inc.), established in 1990, is an Idaho based medical billing company and is a subsidiary of Fusion group of companies with operations in Idaho, Florida, Texas and Tennessee.

POMS is a medical billing and practice management company committed to increasing physician revenues through billing and collections processing and revenue optimization services. On average our clients experience AR for their practice of 98% under 90 days.

We make life easier for both hospital-based, private practice physicians, ambulatory centers, clinics, wound centers and emergency centers by leveraging excellent client service, our own proprietary cloud based claims scrubbing and billing software with customizable payer schedule capability by practice to ensure maximum allowable payment from payers, advanced technology and flexible, effective processes based on decades of experience in healthcare management.

We are a business founded by highly experienced medical administration professionals. We employ a caring team of knowledgeable employees who perform quality service to our clients with integrity and honesty. We are a trusted member of our clients’ practices.

POMS uses the latest technology to provide flexible solutions that are laser-focused on increasing revenues for our clients. By removing inefficiencies, increasing accuracy and thoroughly pursuing collections and claims, we help our physician clients focus on what they do best and improve their bottom line.

Our active membership in Healthcare Billing and Management Association (HBMA) keeps us at the forefront of the ever changing rules and regulations of medical billing. Certified coders on POMS staff provide valuable coding and auditing services.

6 Reasons to Choose POMS

  1. We collect maximum patient revenue amount per visit.
  2. We are your billing partner = less stress for you and your team.
  3. We provide you with factual, timely, and actionable data to help you manage your practice more profitably.
  4. We expand your team without adding payroll, serving your team and your patients.
  5. We provide complete visibility and real time status of each claim from our on-line cloud based software.
  6. Our proprietary software allows practices to check patient insurance eligibility and verification in real time in a standard format from 1,200 payers and 5,800 payer IDs in seconds. No need to call payers and check web sites for insurance eligibility.